• Digital X-Rays

  • What is a dental X-ray?

    Dental X-rays, also called dental radiographs, are images taken by the dentist in order to fully treat your mouth. These images are amongst the most valuable tools for a dentist. The dentist can use these to precisely diagnose and treatment plan any problems that might be present in the mouth. Dental X-rays are important in that the dentist cannot completely diagnosis your dental problems by simply looking in the mouth. Cavities, for instance, can be caught at a very early stage with a dental x-ray, and if so, can be treated as early as possible, thus reducing the potential size, price, and severity of a filling.

    How often do I need dental X-rays?

    The frequency for X-rays is very dependent on the individual. While no x-ray should be considered routine, the American Dental Association recommends that dental X-rays be taken on a regular basis in order to efficiently and successfully monitor a patients dental conditions. The frequency might depend on a patient’s medical or dental history, or current condition, for instance, in an emergency situation. It is common (and recommended) for patients to receive X-rays once every year; however, for patients who do not have many conditions, it is not uncommon for the frequency to be more spread out. In special cases, when a patient regularly visits the dentist for six-month check-ups and has no gum disease or recent dental conditions, it is possible that dental X-rays may only be needed every two to three years.

    What is a digital dental X-ray?

    Digital dental X-rays is one of the most advanced ways to take X-rays. Compared to conventional intraoral X-ray films, our digital system significantly reduces radiation exposure to our patients. In digital X-ray techniques, the image receptor (CCD) is thin like conventional X-ray film but is connected to a computer which will capture and save all of your images (X-rays) digitally. Our system requires fewer retakes and has a significantly lower exposure. After the image is obtained it can be enhanced and viewed full screen on a TV in the operatory by our doctor and patient together.