• Teeth Whitening

  • Tooth enamel comes in different shades and may change over time. While there are a variety of methods available that can help whiten teeth, they might not all be right for you.

    If you’d like to whiten your teeth, the dental professionals at Lasting Impressions are more than happy to review all of your options with you. We’ve been helping patients in Carmel, Indianapolis, Westfield, Zionsville, and the surrounding areas for years get the white smiles they’ve always wanted.

    Causes of tooth discoloration:

    • Staining substances such as tea, coffee, colas, tobaccos, red wine, etc.
    • Flourosis (excessive amounts of fluoride intake during tooth development as a child)
    • Natural staining/yellowing of the teeth
    • Staining due to medication (tetracycline)

    Are you a candidate for tooth whitening?

    Tooth whitening is not for everyone, whether it’s because of personal preference, sensitivity, or another reason. However, if you are interested to learn more about it and whether or not you are a good candidate, please contact our office and we can schedule you for a thorough exam and shade assessment.

    Is there a difference between over-the-counter whitening systems (ie. Crest Whitening Strips) and in-office whitening system?

    Yes! Consult with your dental professional before you decide which whitening system is right for you. Over-the-counter tooth whitening strips, brush-on gels and toothpastes take weeks or months to whiten your teeth just a few shades, and have been known to cause sensitivity in some patients.

    What is the tooth whitening process?

    The whitening process occurs in 2 simple office visits. At the first visit, we take impressions of your teeth. At the second visit, we will have created custom trays that fit perfectly to your teeth and your teeth only. At this second visit, we will deliver the trays, give you instructions on the best ways to use the trays and whiten your teeth, and you will be on your way to a whiter and smile!!

    Can whitening my teeth be unhealthy to you?

    No, research has been completed and states that when done under the supervision of a dental professional, tooth whitening is perfectly safe and healthy. However, we do not recommend tooth whitening for patients who are under the age of 18 or for patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    How often do I have to whiten and how long does it last?

    By following some simple post-whitening care instructions, your teeth will always be lighter than they were before. Normally we recommend wearing the trays for one hour a day every other day for two weeks until you notice a change. Once you get your teeth to the shade of your desire, we recommend practicing good oral hygiene (flossing and brushing twice daily) and a routine touch-up with our take home gel to maintain the smile you desire!